13 Feb 2011

Tech: Intenet Milestone

The Internet hit an important milestone Thursday. The group that manages the Internet's domain name system just handed out the last five blocks of addresses that use the original Internet protocol system known as IPv4.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number made clear that this news will not affect average Internet users. But it will require websites to eventually transition to the next generation Internet protocol known as IPv6.
At a news conference in Miami, ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom described the event as "one of the most important days in the Internet's history. It marks far more than a transition from one Internet address protocol to another. It marks the successful growth of the Internet."
Still, Beckstrom and other officials stressed that Internet users should not notice any difference. "This event is insignificant" for Internet users, Internet Architecture Board Chairman Olaf Kolkman said. "Next week the Internet won't be significantly different than it was a week ago."
ICANN's Internet Assigned Numbers Authority allocated the last blocks, containing about 60 million IPv4 addresses, to the five Regional Internet Registries on Thursday.

12 Feb 2011

News: Zuckerburg Stalked on his own website

Mark Zuckburg, the founder of Facebook has apparently been stalked on facebook by a man named Pradeep Manukonda, he now has a restraining order against him.

11 Feb 2011

Tech: Want $20,000? Read this.

Google have offered an whooping $20,000 to anybody that can find any problems or exploits in google chrome. if anybody find bugs in  the kernel, device drivers, or system libraries, they will earn a nice sum of $20,000 from Google themselves.

10 Feb 2011

Legend Granny!

OAP stops robbers from stealing from a jewellery shop with her handbag!

9 Feb 2011

Tech: LG Optimus 2X

The LG Optimus 2X is the first android smartphone to come with a dual-core processor and also boasting NVIDIA’s 1GHz Tegra 2 chipset. the phone also features a 4 inch screen and is capable of full 1080p video.

check out the hands on video from IntoMobile below!

8 Feb 2011

Gaming:11 year old uses over $1000 on xbox live

some 11 year old kid used his mothers debit card on xbox live to buy games, add ons and even gamble. the mother is now asking microsoft to forgive her son and wipe to cost. she claims it should be a warning to all parents showing just how easy it is for somebody to spend that much money without realising. Mother and son shown below.

Gaming: Old memories

Everyone has played this game but chances are you haven't played it in a while, so here you go, my highscore is 1210, see if you can beat that!

PLAY Helicopter Game

Free Games

Tech: Terminator hand devoleped by scientists

scientists have devolped a super strong robotic hand that costs around $135,000.

Other: Angry Birds movie

There could be an angry birds movie in production if the hollywood studios agree. I don't know about you but I think that this angry birds thing is being milked abit. There is also talks of a tv show and kids toys.

7 Feb 2011

Gaming: El Presador

El presador is probably one of the funniest commentators out there for black ops. I strongly advise you to check him out.


Tech: iPad 2 rumoured to be released this year

Supposedly the iPad 2 is going to be released in the first half of 2011. it is only a romour ATM but will keep you posted if anything else comes up.

(all credit for the image goes to engadget. I do not claim to own or have taken this image)

Gaming: YouTube channel

I will be uploading the odd black ops clips to my youtube channel and i will then post them on here, it is worth looking at the call of duty website so you can take advantage of the built in youtube uploader. Anyway here is a clip from last night. two nice kills, a shot on the second chance noob and then a triple nade to finish.

6 Feb 2011

Gaming: Duty Calls

Duty Calls is a game developed by Epic Games and offers a very different experience other first person shooters. Duty Calls offers a very 'slapsticky' type of gameplay and is not to be missed.

Best of all the game is free for download on PC. Check out the trailer below.

Music: Next upcoming artist

Ed Sheeran is an English songwriter/singer who is greatly underestimated and has a lot of talent. But is sure to blow in 2011, check him out.

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