11 Feb 2011

Tech: Want $20,000? Read this.

Google have offered an whooping $20,000 to anybody that can find any problems or exploits in google chrome. if anybody find bugs in  the kernel, device drivers, or system libraries, they will earn a nice sum of $20,000 from Google themselves.


PvtCarlin said...

Holy crappola! Let the search begin!!

missmarie said...

chump change to google

Gadget team said...

haha lol, i know alot of them, im rich

Sieger said...

wish i had half a clue as to how to find problems that weren't my of my own doing

pol said...

interesting find. following

marcoandredinis said...

Can you give a link to the Google's page?

Giulzz said...

After people see this post:
*Download Chrome
*Google "How to find errors in Chrome"
*Google chuckle a little inside
*1,000,000 errors found
*Google gets shut down.

If only that would ever happen! Good luck to whose pursuing the error finding. Thanks for the post!

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